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Screw Stages


  • Cost – applications using lead or acme screws

  • Thrust capabilities – tremendous mechanical advantage

  • Simple to setup

  • Good for vertical applications

  • Easy to add external brake or encoder

  • Repeatability – Sufficient for many applications


  • Restricted Speed

  • Larger envelope needed for motor mount

  • Cost – Precision screws approach the price of Linear servo stages

  • Positional accuracy

  • Lead error

  • Bearing supports

  • Coupler windup

  • Repeatability – can be affected by nuts without any anti-backlash characteristics

Whether it be cost cutting, type of control or the replacement of an existing platform. Ibex’s has the experience and unique ability to produce non-standard custom screw based positioning solutions to meet any application requirement.

We also manufacture standard high precision configurable screw platforms as well.