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Direct Drive Stages

Linear Servo Stages


At ibex Engineering Linear servo stages can be developed with a variety of motor and bearing types to meet the most demanding positioning applications. For more information click on the link above to view the many possibilities.

Direct Drive Rotary Positioners


At ibex engineering we are not limited by a standard offering. We design and manufacturer to suit your positioning requirements. Any envelop size, torque or level of precision is all within the realm of possibility.

For more information give us a call or click on the link above to view the many possibilities.

View our Products page for an overview of the positioning stages and other types of products we provide.

Our site offers a host of capabilities regarding available linear stage solutions, as well as other types of products, such as Precision Rotary Stages, Z-wedges, Goniometric stagesVoice Coil stages and a variety of others. Depending on your industry and the specific requirements needed for your system, our engineers can help create the optimal solution, from the very simple to the highly complex.

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